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Worldwide Specialists in Metallography

Akasel specialises in the development, production and distribution of high-quality consumables for metallographic testing and sample preparation along with advanced metallographic preparation methods. With a wide variety of products and preparation methods, Akasel covers the majority of applications in metallography. Akasel consumables and preparation methods are optimised to provide the best possible preparation result in the shortest possible time. These advanced solutions are available for all types of materials and applications in metallography, also the more challenging ones.

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Highest Preparation Quality and Reproducibility

We have a series of preparation methods for metallographic testing available as Aka-Briefs with corresponding Demo Kits. Our Aka-Briefs cover both material specific and general preparation methods. They are all developed with the aim of improving efficiency and achieving the highest preparation quality and accuracy possible in metallographic sample preparation.

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Wide Range of Metallographic Solutions

Akasel equips your lab with innovative solutions that ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness and accurate sample preparation with zero compromise on quality. Our team of inhouse experts believes in continuous innovation in order to provide metallographers with the best solutions for sample preparation and metallographic testing – also used in metallurgical analysis. Metallographic testing is an area in constant development and we want to make sure that the consumables and preparation methods are always the best that they can be.

Our consumables cover all preparation steps in metallography; cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing. So, whether you need cut-off wheels, mounting resins, grinding discs, polishing cloths, diamond suspensions or another product for your sample preparation, Akasel can provide a full solution for your metallographic testing. This complete range of consumables can fulfil both the highest demands on quality and at the same time accommodate the more economic solutions in metallographic testing. Covering most applications and materials, Akasel guarantees high-quality solutions for any type of metallographic testing.

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Improving Sample Preparation Through
Expert Knowledge

Based on expert knowledge within metallography, Akasel continuously works towards improving metallographic sample preparation and finding solutions that are better than those we know today. It is an ongoing process and the aim is to make the work in the lab more convenient for metallographers. We are confident that with Akasel consumables and preparation methods anyone working with metallography can obtain the best preparation results that meets their specific requirements. Akasel solutions for metallography are available worldwide through a competent distributor network.

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  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 15 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 9 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 6 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 3 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 1 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 0.25 µm

  • Placeholder

    Diamond Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 3000 HV, 150 mm

  • Placeholder

    Diamond Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 2000 HV, 150 mm

  • Placeholder

    CBN Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 1500 HV, 150 mm

  • Placeholder

    Diamond Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 50 HV, 150 mm

High Quality and Cost Effective Metallographic Testing

In metallography, nowadays also called materialography to cover the entire range of available materials, requirements to the preparation quality rank very high. With our consumables and preparation methods, we help you to achieve the best possible result. By recommending the correct consumables, we can also make it possible to get faster results with an acceptable finish at a lower price.

With our solutions, your microstructural analysis will be fast, reproducible and cost efficient.

We have a complete range of consumables, to fulfil both the highest demands on quality and at the same time to accommodate the more economic solutions.

About Akasel

Akasel is a Danish company dedicated to developing, producing and distributing high-quality consumables and optimised preparation methods for metallography. Akasel was founded in 2004 by Morten Damgaard and is now present in more than 30 countries through a network of highly competent dealers.

Akasel is the smarter alternative because we pay special attention to our customers, developing high-quality consumables to help the labs achieve optimum preparation results and maximum reproducibility.

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