About us

Akasel is a Danish company that specialises in developing, producing and distributing high quality consumables and the best performing preparation methods for metallography.

We are present in 30 countries through a network of highly competent distributors. The strong partnerships built between Akasel and our distributors ensures that you receive the best support and service possible.

We innovate metallographic sample preparation

We continuously strive to advance the development of consumables to improve metallographic sample preparation results and create preparation methods that are easy to execute. This is done based on expert knowledge and many years of experience in metallography.

Thinking innovatively to improve metallographic sample preparation for everyone working in this area is our main focus. We want to make your work easier and more efficient, while improving your results.

The Beginning

Akasel was founded in 2004 by Morten Damgaard, who started the development of metallographic consumables at home in his garage. Based on years of experience, his vision for Akasel was – and still is – the improvement of metallographic sample preparation worldwide.

Knowledge and experience about metallography combined with the dedication to think in innovative solutions with sustainability in mind whenever possible, are the foundation of Akasel. So many years later after it all started in Morten’s garage, Akasel is now present worldwide with high quality consumables and efficient preparation methods.

All of the above makes Akasel THE SMARTER ALTERNATIVE.

Contact us

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