Titanium Cut-off Wheel

Titanium behaves differently than other non-ferrous materials during cutting. Titanium and its alloys tend to smear and clog up the cutting abrasives in the cut-off wheel. This causes burning and smearing on the sample surface and severe deformation.  Aka-Cut Ti20 is using sharp SiC abrasives in a strong, but open bond to give space for removed debris thus reducing these problems. When choosing our titanium cut-off wheel Aka-Cut Ti20, you obtain a plane sample surface with minimal mechanical deformation and thermal damage. This cut-off wheel is optimised for cutting titanium and titanium alloys with a hardness of approximately 20 HRC or in the range of 100-350 HV. Different diameters are available for all our abrasive cut-off wheels.

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    Titanium Cut-off Wheel

    Aka-Cut Ti20


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