Acrylic Resin

Our acrylic resin is a fast curing, transparent two-component system with a slightly yellowish tint. Aka-Clear-2 consists of an acrylic powder and an acrylic liquid that cures in 8 minutes. When mixing Aka-Clear-2 Powder with Aka-Clear-2 Liquid you get completely clear, bubble-free mounts without having to use a pressure pot. Due to complete visibility of the sample in the mount, Aka-Clear-2 is ideal for failure analysis and in the preparation of electronic components. A short curing time is often necessary in production environments where fast turnaround times are required. In this case, Aka-Clear-2 is superior to  both cold mounting epoxy resins and hot mounting resins.

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    Acrylic Resin

    Aka-Clear-2 Liquid

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    Acrylic Resin

    Aka-Clear-2 Powder


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