Cut-Off Wheels

Cutting is the first step in your sample preparation, if you need a manageable size of the sample material that you are going to examine. The aim of cutting is to obtain a surface that is plane, with a minimum of mechanical deformation and thermal damage. When you select the correct cut-off wheel for your material, you can reduce time and cost for subsequent grinding and polishing steps. Our Aka-Cut cut-off wheels are optimised for different materials to obtain the best and most uniform cutting result every time.

Our wide range of cut-off wheels include both abrasive cut-off wheels and precision cut-off wheels. This means that we have cut-off wheels that will provide a perfect cutting result for close to all materials, materials of different hardness and different cutting needs. All cut-off wheels have a long lifetime and can cut your sample material efficiently without introducing excessive damage to the sample surface.

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    CBN Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 1500 HV, 150 mm

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    Diamond Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 2000 HV, 150 mm

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    Diamond Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 3000 HV, 150 mm

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    Diamond Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 50 HV, 150 mm

  • aka-cut_fe60_250_mm

    Cut-Off Wheels

    Aka-Cut Fe60

  • aka-cut_fe50_250_mm

    Cut-Off Wheels

    Aka-Cut Fe50

  • aka-cut_ti20_250_mm

    Titanium Cut-off Wheel

    Aka-Cut Ti20

  • aka-cut_nf10_250_mm

    Abrasive Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting

    Aka-Cut NF10

  • aka-cut_500_hv_254_mm

    Cut-Off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 500 HV

  • aka-cut_1000_hv_150_mm

    Precision Ferrous Metal Cutting

    Aka-Cut 1000 HV, 150 mm

  • aka-cut_700_hv_150_mm

    Precision Ferrous Metal Cutting

    Aka-Cut 700 HV, 150 mm

  • Cut-off-wheel-150-x-0.5-x-12.7-mm-50-400-HV

    Precision Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting

    Aka-Cut 400 HV, 150 mm

Cutting of Metals

Abrasive cutting wheels are used for cutting metals with a hardness of 50-1000 HV. Our cut-off wheels provide a low cost per cut because they are long-lasting and cut fast. They are optimised to provide a plane cut with a minimum of thermal damage and maximum reproducibility. When cutting steel and/or other hard metals, the cut-off wheels Aka-Cut Fe60 or Aka-Cut Fe50 are the perfect choice. Aka-Cut 500 HV is optimised for ferrous metals with a hardness of approximately 250-500 HV and surface hardened steels to limit pinching and breakage of the cut-off wheel. Aka-Cut Ti20 is ideal for titanium and titanium alloys preventing overheating and smearing. Aka-Cut NF10 is the perfect choice for non-ferrous metals, like aluminium, copper and their alloys.

Precision cut-off wheels Aka-Cut 1000 HV, Aka-Cut 700 HV and Aka-Cut 400 HV are the optimal choices for high precision cutting because they are very thin, yet durable. Our precision cut-off wheels are available in 150 mm dia.

For some materials it is the optimal choice to use a diamond or CBN cut-off wheel. Our superabrasive cut-off wheels are for high precision cutting of more challenging materials. These cut-off wheels are available in 152 mm dia.

Click on the left side menu to find the correct cut-off wheel for your material and cut-off machine. Our abrasive cut-off wheels are available in diameters from 250 – 432 mm in dia.

Please see the Aka-Brief cut-off wheel recommendation here.


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