CBN Cut-off Wheels

For materials like ceramics, very hard ferrous metals and plastics, we have a range of superabrasive cut-off wheels. Our diamond cut-off wheels and CBN cut-off wheel provide optimal sectioning, long lifetime and high reproducibility. All our superabrasive cut-off wheels measure 152 x 0.8 x 12.7 mm.

Aka-Cut 50 HV is an electroplated diamond cut-off wheel that is used for soft materials like resin or plastic, e.g. electronic components.

Aka-Cut 1500 HV is a resin bond CBN cut-off wheel for cutting very hard ferrous metals with a hardness of 700-1500 HV.

Aka-Cut 2000 HV is a metal bond diamond cut-off wheel cutting medium hard and brittle ceramics, concrete, rocks, tiles and similar with a hardness above 700 HV.

Aka-Cut 3000 HV is a resin bond diamond cut-off wheel. It is recommended for cutting very hard ceramics like oxides, carbides, nitrides and borides and materials containing large amounts of ceramic in a metal matrix like sintered carbides and powder metallurgy with a hardness above 1500 HV.

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    CBN Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 1500 HV, 150 mm

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