Water-Soluble Coolant for Metal Cutting

To obtain the best possible cutting results, an additive for recirculation units should be added. The correct cutting cooling fluid is essential for a good sectioning result.

For the best performance of the cut-off wheel we recommend that you use Aka-Cool, a water-soluble coolant. This coolant ensures that the abrasives used in the cut-off wheels are properly lubricated where the cutting takes place. This means minimum thermal damage of both sample and cut-off wheel and therefore additional lifetime of the cutting wheels. It further protects the cutting machine from corrosion and helps to reduce clogging of the debris in the recirculating cooling unit, thus facilitating cleaning of the tank. 3 – 5% of Aka-Cool is mixed with water for optimum performance. This makes the final liquid a water-based cutting coolant.

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  • Water-Soluble Coolant for Metal Cutting


  • Aka-NoFoam Coolant

    Water-Soluble Coolant for Metal Cutting


Anti-foaming Agent

Some materials can create excessive foaming of the cooling fluid. Foam will greatly reduce the cooling ability of the cooling water and can overflow the recirculation cooling unit. To avoid foaming, Aka-NoFoam should be used.


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