Poly- or monocrystalline diamonds; 15 µm to 0.25 µm

With a 2-in-1 diamond suspension you only have to dose one liquid instead of both suspension and lubricant. This makes the preparation easy, fast and trouble-free. DiaDoublo is a permanently stable mix of our Aka-Lube Yellow and Aka-Poly or Aka-Mono diamond suspension, which always ensures reproducible results. The use of Aka-Lube Yellow makes DiaDoublo perfect for the preparation of softer materials or the final preparation step.

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  • 15-dia

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Mono 15 µm

  • 15-diapoly

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Poly 15 µm

  • 9-dia

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Mono 9 µm

  • 9-diapoly

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Poly 9 µm

  • 6-dia

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Mono 6 µm

  • 6-diapoly

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Poly 6 µm

  • 3-dia

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Mono 3 µm

  • 3-diapoly

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Poly 3 µm

  • 1-diadoublemono

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Mono 1 µm

  • 1-diapoly

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Poly 1 µm

  • 0.25-dia

    Diamond Products

    DiaDoublo Poly 0.25 µm


DiaDoublo is characterised by:

  • Ease of use
  • Fast preparation of soft materials
  • Reproducible results
  • Easy cleaning of samples
  • Being water-based with no hazard warnings
  • Being biodegradable
  • Being available in full grain size range

Contrary to competing 2-in-1 diamond suspensions, the use of Aka-Lube Yellow makes DiaDoublo perfectly compatible with any polishing cloth. There is no need to have different suspensions with the same grain size for different polishing cloths. Instead of using different suspensions with the same grain size on different polishing cloth, you can use DiaDoublo on all polishing cloths for polishing soft materials.

Do you want to know more about our 2-in-1 diamond suspension for softer materials or how to purchase them? Then find your local distributor by clicking here or contact us at info@akasel.com.


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