Close-up of an Aka-Cut Fe50 cutting disc slicing through a piece of aluminum. The disc is labeled with specifications: 300 x 2 x 32 mm, max 63 m/s, 4010 rpm.

Abrasive Ferrous Metal Cutting

For ferrous metals we have a range of metal cut-off wheels that provide outstanding sectioning results. When choosing the correct Aka-Cut cut-off wheel you obtain a plane sample surface with minimal mechanical deformation and thermal damage. Long lifetime and high reproducibility are guaranteed when using our cut-off wheels of highest quality. Different diameters are available for all our abrasive cut-off wheels. Our precision cut-off wheels are available in 150 mm dia. Our metal cut-off blades for ferrous usage are all based on Al2O3 – the most efficient abrasive for these materials.

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  • Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut Fe60

  • Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut Fe50

  • Akasel Aka-Cut 500 HV cut-off wheel, 254 x 1,7 x 32 mm, designed for cutting ferrous metals (250-500 HV). The black wheel features fiberweb reinforcement to minimize breakage risk and includes a central label with product details and the Akasel logo.

    Cut-off Wheels

    Aka-Cut 500 HV

Ferrous Cut-off Wheels

Aka-Cut Fe60 is the optimal choice for ferrous metals and steels with an approximate hardness of 60 HRC or in the range of 500-1000 HV.

Aka-Cut Fe50 is the optimal choice for ferrous metals and steels with an approximate hardness of 50 HRC or in the range of 350-700 HV.

Aka-Cut 500 HV is the optimal choice for ferrous metals with a hardness of approximately 250-500 HV. Al2O3  ensures the best cutting results possible for ferrous metals and steels. Aka-Cut 500 HV is reinforced with a special fiberweb on both sides for maximum durability. This means that it can better withstand the internal stress and tension in surface hardened workpieces and the risk of wheel breakage is therefore reduced.


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