Fine Grinding

Our fine grinding discs Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ are the optimal choice for fine grinding of all types of materials. They have a unique, wear compensating surface design that provides a very long lifetime and continuously high material removal. Furthermore, due to being on a thin, rigid steel plate, optimum planeness and edge retention are guaranteed. One Aka-Piatto can replace 200-300 pieces of regular grinding paper, which makes it very cost-effective for fine and  ultrafine grinding. Aka-Piatto+ is the optimal choice for fine grinding of brittle samples like ceramics, cermets (e.g. Ceramic Matrix Composites) and sintered carbides. It is the ideal fine grinding disc for these materials due to a lower specific pressure. The disc has a higher diamond concentration than Aka-Piatto which provides the lower specific pressure. This gives a less aggressive abrasion and very long lifetime.

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    Aka-Piatto 600

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    Aka-Piatto 1200

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    Aka-Piatto 2400

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    Aka-Piatto 4000

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    Aka-Piatto 1200+

Diamond Grinding Discs for Fine Grinding

Fine grinding has to remove the scratches and deformation from plane grinding and prepare the samples for polishing. The highest possible removal and the finest possible scratch pattern can be achieved with our Aka-Piatto diamond grinding discs. For fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ in grit sizes 600, 1200, 2400 and 4000 (Aka-Piatto 2400 and Aka-Piatto 4000 only available as Aka-Piatto) are recommended. They are available in the diameters 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm (the largest diameter only as Aka-Piatto 600 and Aka-Piatto 1200).

The diamond grinding discs for fine grinding are ready to use. They have to be dressed with a dressing stick occasionally to ensure a continuously high removal rate. How often they should be dressed depends on the type of material prepared.

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