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Our unique Aka-Rhaco is a thin steel disc with a soft polymer coating to hold grinding paper. It lasts for up to 1000 applications and is optimised to be used with Rhaco Grit grinding paper. This means that it can easily substitute expensive PSA or foil backed grinding papers. Therefore, Rhaco Grit and Aka-Rhaco are very cost-effective solutions when using grinding paper in your sample preparation.

Aka-Rhaco is available in three different versions. Aka-Rhaco, a thin steel disc for use on magnetic support discs; Aka-Rhaco Flex, a soft polymer disc containing ferrous particles for use on magnetic support discs and Aka-Rhaco PSA, a self-adhesive foil to be glued directly on an aluminium support disc.

As an additional benefit, Aka-Rhaco can also be used with self-adhesive polishing cloths. Simply leave the liner on the polishing cloth and attach the cloth to an Aka-Rhaco disc. When the cloth is worn, it can easily be changed. This makes it a cost-effective and more sustainable solution due to saving the cost of buying magnetic polishing cloths and having to dispose of a steel disc for every polishing cloth.

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    Adapter Discs

    Aka-Rhaco Flex

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    Adapter Discs

    Aka-Rhaco PSA

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    Polishing Cloths


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    Polishing Cloths


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