Our dressing stick is used to maintain Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+. They might have to be dressed once in a while to ensure a continuously high removal rate. 

Aka-Magnet is a polymer-based magnetic foil with PSA backing to convert a standard preparation disc to a magnetic support disc. Like this you can use the same preparation disc for several different consumables, which saves you the cost of buying a separate preparation disc for each relevant product i.e. Aka-Piatto, Aka-Allegran, Aka-Largan or polishing cloths.

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  • dressing_sticks_-_big_small

    Diamond Grinding Discs

    Dressing Stick #220 10 x 25 x 100 mm

  • dressing_sticks_-_big_small_1

    Diamond Grinding Discs

    Dressing Stick #220 25 x 25 x 150 mm

  • aka-magnet_2

    Polishing Cloths


  • disc-cabinet-open

    Polishing Cloths

    Disc Cabinet


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