Plane Grinding

For fast plane grinding of all types of materials, our diamond grinding discs Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ are the perfect choice. With their unique wear compensating surface design they guarantee a very long lifetime and continuously high material removal. Furthermore, due to being on a thin, rigid steel plate, optimum planeness and edge retention are guaranteed. One Aka-Piatto can replace 200-300 pieces of regular grinding paper, which makes it very cost-effective. The Aka-Piatto+ has been developed as the ideal diamond grinding disc for brittle samples. The “+” indicates twice the diamond concentration of the normal Aka-Piatto. This results in a lower specific pressure during grinding and thereby less aggressive abrasion, a must when grinding brittle and fragile materials. Twice the diamond concentration also doubles the lifetime of the Aka-Piatto+.

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Diamond Grinding Discs for Plane Grinding

During plane grinding you want to remove material as fast as possible and at the same time achieve a surface finish that makes the following fine grinding step as short as possible. This can be done when you use our diamond grinding discs in your sample preparation. The coarse grit size combined with the design of our Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ ensure an optimal sample surface that is ready for the following fine grinding and polishing steps. For plane grinding, Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ in grit sizes 80, 120 and 220 are recommended. They are available in the diameters 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm (the last one only as Aka-Piatto).

The diamond grinding discs, sometimes referred to as diamond grinding blades or diamond grinding wheels have been dressed and are ready to use. They should be dressed with a dressing stick every now and again to ensure a continuously high removal rate. How often depends on the material type that is prepared with the diamond grinding disc.

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