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Aka-Allegran, available in 4 different versions, is recommended for fine grinding of metals and other materials that are harder than 150 HV.

Aka-Allegran 9 provides perfect planeness and edge retention. It is the hardest of our grinding discs and recommended for materials harder than 450 HV. It can replace grinding papers P320-P1200. Aka-Allegran 9 should be used with diamond suspension 15 – 3 µm.

Aka-Allegran 6 is the most universal disc in the range. It is the correct choice when an optimal balance between material removal and fine surface finish is required. Aka-Allegran 6 provides fast fine grinding of most materials with a hardness of above 150 HV. It is recommended to be used with 9 – 3 µm diamonds. It will replace the traditional grinding steps from P320 – P1200 with one single step.

Aka-Allegran 3 provides short preparation times, completely plane samples and retains soft phases (e.g. soft inclusions in steel). It is a medium hard disc that is recommended for materials harder than 150 HV. It replaces grinding papers in grit sizes P320-P1200. This grinding disc should be used with diamond suspension 9 – 3 µm.

Aka-Allegran 1 provides eminent flatness. This is the softest disc in the range and recommended for materials harder than 150 HV. This disc should be used with diamond suspension 1 – 0.1 µm. Aka-Allegran 1 can also be used for final polishing of very hard materials and coatings.

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    Rigid Grinding Discs

    Aka-Largan 9

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    Rigid Grinding Discs

    Aka-Allegran 9

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    Rigid Grinding Discs

    Aka-Allegran 6

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    Rigid Grinding Discs

    Aka-Allegran 3

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    Rigid Grinding Discs

    Aka-Allegran 1

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