Metallographic Polishing

Metal polishing and polishing of other materials have to remove the deformations introduced during grinding and provide a highly reflective finish, so the samples can be examined on the microscope. Our polishing consumables are developed and optimised to provide the best result in the shortest time at an affordable cost.

The purpose of metallographic polishing is to assure that the true structure of the sample is made visible with a surface finish that will not disturb the examination in question. This is typically done in 2 or 3 steps  using suitable polishing cloths and gradually finer abrasives. These are selected depending on whether it is metal polishing or polishing of another material type.

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  • DiaUltra-5-m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 15 µm

  • DiaUltra-9-m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 9 µm

  • DiaUltra-6-m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 6 µm

  • DiaUltra-3-m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 3 µm

  • DiaUltra-1-m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 1 µm

  • DiaUltra-0.25m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 0.25 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 15 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 9 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 6 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 3 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 1 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 0.25 µm

Polishing Cloths

We have a large selection of polishing cloths that are used according to sample material and preparation step – e.g. metal polishing. All of our polishing cloths are available in both a self-adhesive (Aka-) and a magnetic (Mag-) version and can be supplied in all standard diameters. The Aka-cloths can also be produced in custom-made sizes up to 1250 mm in diameter. The fabrics used for our polishing cloths are carefully selected to provide the best possible polishing results for the polishing step and material they are recommended for. They are laminated together with a water, ethanol and oil resistant polymer barrier layer, that protects the cloth texture from wear and assures that the diamonds are kept in good contact with the sample surface giving a fast preparation at a minimum cost.

Diamond Products

Our polishing consumables include a wide range of diamond products of the highest imaginable quality ensuring the best possible metallographic polishing result every time. We use both polycrystalline and monocrystalline diamonds in very narrow graduations and high concentrations, yet at an affordable price. Our diamond products include 2-in-1 diamond suspensions, a carefully adjusted mixture of suspension and lubricant, diamond suspensions to be used with lubricants, diamond sticks, diamond sprays and diamond pastes. Our diamond products are available with poly- or monocrystalline diamonds and in grain sizes 15-0.05 µm.

Oxide Polishing Suspensions

For the final polishing step, where the very last deformations have to be removed, sub-micron sized oxide polishing suspensions are used. For general applications alumina suspension is used, and for the more demanding applications silica suspensions are the best choice.


All diamond products, other than our 2-in-1 suspensions, require the addition of a lubricant during preparation. The lubricant serves as lubricating and cooling liquid. Depending on the material and the preparation step you either need a thin lubricant with high cooling efficiency for high material removal or a thicker lubricant that is designed to avoid scratches and deformations, resulting in a scratch-free final polishing of soft materials.  We probably offer the broadest range of lubricants, enabling you to choose the product best suited for your metallographic polishing step(s).

All of our polishing consumables are available for metal polishing and polishing of other materials.

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