2-in-1 Diamond Suspensions

The most advanced and easy to use diamond suspensions today are the so-called 2-in-1 diamond suspensions. This type of suspension is a carefully balanced mixture of high-quality diamond suspension and state-of-the-art lubricant. A 2-in-1 diamond suspension makes dosing easy, gives high repeatability, easy handling and cleaning.

DiaUltra is a unique mixture of the latest development in diamond suspensions with a very high diamond concentration and a superior lubrication system. This 2-in-1 diamond suspension is superior in performance and provides the highest material removal, shortest preparation times and best surface quality. Use DiaUltra to obtain the fastest polishing results and the best surface finish.

DiaMaxx has the same high diamond concentration as DiaUltra and is based on our Clear+ lubricant for high removal and short preparation times. DiaMaxx is a 2-in-1 diamond suspension that ensures high removal rates and fast preparation times.

DiaDoublo has a lower diamond concentration than DiaUltra and DiaMaxx. This 2-in-1 diamond suspension produces a good combination between cooling and lubricating (medium thick lubricating film). For the softer materials DiaDoublo is a good solution that provides optimal removal rates and great surface finish.

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  • DiaUltra-5-m

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    DiaUltra 15 µm

  • DiaUltra-9-m

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    DiaUltra 9 µm

  • DiaUltra-6-m

    Diamond Products

    DiaUltra 6 µm

  • DiaUltra-3-m

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    DiaUltra 3 µm

  • DiaUltra-1-m

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    DiaUltra 1 µm

  • DiaUltra-0.25m

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    DiaUltra 0.25 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 15 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 9 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 6 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 3 µm

  • Diamond Products

    DiaUltra Poly 1 µm

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    DiaUltra Poly 0.25 µm

Monocrystalline diamonds

DiaUltra, DiaMaxx and DiaDoublo contain premium diamonds to ensure the best polishing results. This means that only the best monocrystalline or polycrystalline diamonds are added to our diamond suspensions.
Monocrystalline diamonds are available as both natural diamonds and artificial diamonds. The artificial monocrystalline diamonds are the ones used in metallographic sample preparation today. They have the same properties as natural diamonds. Monocrystalline diamonds provides sufficient abrasion action for most materials.

Polycrystalline diamonds are used for the highest requirements and provide outstanding preparation results. Polycrystalline diamonds are produced artificially and have a uniform, blocky shape with a rough surface. Polycrystalline diamonds are well-suited for the preparation of hard materials.

In addition to the diamond quality, the particle size distribution is also important to obtain the best and most reproducible polishing result. All of our diamond suspensions have a narrow particle size distribution. Both in our diamond suspensions with monocrystalline diamonds and polycrystalline diamonds the narrowest particle size distribution is used. The low deviation in diamond size help obtain the highest removal rates, fastest preparation times and best reproducibility in your sample preparation.

Akasel diamond suspensions ensure the best possible polishing results due to their unique formulation and diamond content.
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