Aka-Poly & Aka-Mono

Available with poly- or monocrystalline diamonds in grain sizes 15 µm to 0.25 µm

Aka-Poly and Aka-Mono are diamond suspensions developed to combine fast preparation with reproducible results. Select one of our lubricants that suits the material that you are preparing  and Aka-Poly and Aka-Mono make it possible to obtain perfect preparation results because of the possibility to adjust the suspension/lubrication ratio very accurately.

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  • akaMona15

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono 15 µm

  • akaMono15

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono+ 15 µm

  • akaPoly15

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly 15 µm

  • 44148013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly+ 15 µm

  • akaMono9

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono 9 µm

  • Akamono9 1

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono+ 9 µm

  • akaPoly9

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly 9 µm

  • 44147013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly+ 9 µm

  • akaMono6

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono 6 µm

  • Akamono6 1

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono+ 6 µm

  • akaPoly6

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly 6 µm

  • 44146013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly+ 6 µm


Aka-Poly and Aka-Mono provide:

  • Fast preparation of all materials
  • An economical choice
  • Precise adjustment of suspension/lubricant ratio to suit material type
  • Reproducible results
  • Biodegradability
  • Safety due to no hazard warnings

All our diamond products contain the same amount of diamonds in carat/liter for all grain sizes. Competitors’ products usually decrease the diamond contents with smaller grain sizes. Therefore, our products in the grain sizes from 50 nm up to 3 µm have a diamond concentration that is 2 – 3 times higher than competing products. A higher diamond concentration will provide higher removal rates and faster preparation.

Do you want to know more about our diamond suspensions or how to purchase them? Then find your local distributor by clicking here or contact us at info@akasel.com.


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