Close-up of Mag-Plural on a semi-automatic all-purpose grinding and polishing machine, designed for metallographic sample preparation.

Aka-Poly WF

Available with polycrystalline diamonds in grain sizes 15 µm to 0.25 µm

Aka-Poly WF is our diamond suspension developed to obtain the best preparation results for water sensitive materials. When used in combination with a water-free lubricant, like Aka-Lube Clear WF, high removal rates and short preparation times can be achieved. Aka-Poly WF is based on the same components as our diamond paste and contains less than 0.1% water.

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    Aka-Poly WF 15 µm

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    Aka-Poly WF 9 µm

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    Aka-Poly WF 6 µm

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    Aka-Poly WF 3 µm

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    Aka-Poly WF 1 µm

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    Aka-Poly WF 0.25 µm

Aka-Poly WF:

  • Fast preparation of water sensitive materials
  • Precise adjustment of suspension/lubricant ratio
  • Reproducible results
  • Easy to clean
  • Biodegradable
  • Has no hazard warnings

All our diamond products contain the same amount of diamonds in carat/liter regardless of grain sizes. Competitors’ products often decrease the diamond contents with smaller grain sizes. Therefore, our products in the grain sizes from 50 nm up to 3 µm have a diamond concentration that is 2 – 3 times higher than competing products. The higher diamond concentration will provide you with higher removal rates and faster preparation.

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