Diamond Spray

Poly- and monocrystalline diamonds; 9 μm to 0.25 μm

If you are preparing materials that cannot tolerate water or other liquids, diamond spray is the perfect choice. Aka-Spray Poly and Aka-Spray Mono diamond sprays for fine grinding and diamond polishing provide diamonds in the “purest” form, without any liquid, making polishing of all types of sensitive material possible, fast and reproducible. Applying diamonds as spray ensures a perfect distribution of the abrasives on the polishing cloth which ensures a high removal rate from the beginning of the polishing step.

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  • 45027011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Poly 9 µm

  • 45026011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Poly 6 µm

  • 45025011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Poly 3 µm

  • 45024011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Poly 1 µm

  • 45023511

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Poly 0.7 µm

  • 45022511

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Poly 0.25 µm

  • 45017011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Mono 9 µm

  • 45016011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Mono 6 µm

  • 45015011

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Mono 3 µm

  • 45014011-1

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Spray Mono 1 µm

Akasel diamond sprays can also be used for the priming of a new polishing cloth due to the high diamond content. When using diamond spray for polishing cloth priming, the diamonds are evenly distributed, there are no other liquids present and the removal rate will be high from the very beginning of your fine grinding or diamond polishing step. This can help to obtain a fast preparation step.

Our products use CO2 rather than the traditional lighter gas and are therefore non-flammable.

Do you want to know more about our diamond polishing sprays or how to purchase them? Then find your local distributor by clicking here or contact us at info@akasel.com.


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