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Diamond Products

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  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Stick Poly 0.25 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Stick Mono 9 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Stick Mono 6 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Stick Mono 3 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Stick Mono 1 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 15 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 9 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 6 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 3 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 2.5 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 1 µm

  • Diamond Products

    Aka-Paste Poly 0.7 µm

Advanced Diamond Products for Superior Metallographic Polishing

We carefully select diamonds with uniform geometry and narrow tolerances and use these to manufacture products with a very high diamond concentration. Contrary to competitive products, we use the same concentration of diamonds in ct/l (carat/litre) independent of the grain size in all our diamond products. How many ct/l depends on the specific diamond product. This will either give you higher removal rates and shorter preparation times or allow you to reduce dosing and thus your cost.

Consequently, you will always obtain reproducible results with uniform material removal and excellent surface finish. Both diamond type, concentration and grain size distribution are stated on the labels to allow you to select the product that is best suited for your preparation requirements and to compare it with other products. All our diamond products come in sizes from 15-1 µm and for specific products even smaller grain sizes, down to 0.05 µm/50 nm are available.

Each Akasel diamond product contains premium diamonds to ensure the best polishing results. Most of our products are available with either polycrystalline diamonds or monocrystalline diamonds. Monocrystalline diamonds are typically less expensive, more blocky in shape and used for routine examinations. Polycrystalline diamonds have numerous fine cutting edges and therefore, generally, leave a finer scratch pattern while at the same time provide a higher removal rate for a given size compared to monocrystalline diamonds. As polycrystalline diamonds are more expensive, they are mostly used for more demanding applications where short preparation times and excellent results are very important.

We offer the same diamond products with monocrystalline diamonds or polycrystalline diamonds to satisfy the different requirements to sample preparation that exist among our customers.

Akasel diamond products ensure the best possible preparation results due to their unique formulation and diamond content.

Premium Diamond Suspension Solutions

Akasel’s innovative 2-in-1 diamond suspensions, such as DiaUltra, DiaMaxx, and DiaDoublo are advanced and easier to use than traditional suspension and lubricant systems. These 2-in-1 diamond suspensions combine a unique suspension and lubrication system with high-quality synthetic diamond, ensuring high removal rates and optimal surface finish. This integration streamlines preparation processes, reduces consumable costs, and enhances reproducibility, making them ideal for the polishing process to various materials with different hardnesses. DiaUltra, in particular, offers the fastest preparation times and the highest material removal rates, ensuring superior performance and exceptional surface quality.

However, for some applications, traditional diamond suspensions used in combination with lubricants offer notable advantages. This approach allows users to customise the suspension-to-lubricant ratio for specific requirements. For instance, the Aka-Poly+ and Aka-Mono+ suspensions, known for their high diamond concentration, provide excellent versatility, allowing users to fine-tune their preparation process for optimal performance across different metals and materials. This method ensures adaptability and can be particularly beneficial in specialised preparation scenarios.

By offering both 2-in-1 diamond suspension and traditional diamond suspension systems, we ensure that you have the flexibility to choose the best solution for your specific needs, achieving superior performance and efficiency in metallographic sample preparation.

High-Quality Diamond Polishing Pastes, Sticks, and Sprays

In addition to our diamond suspensions, we offer a range of high-quality diamond polishing pastes, sticks, and sprays. These products are designed to meet your diverse metallographic polishing needs, ensuring high material removal and short polishing times.

Diamond Sticks: Aka-Stick Poly and Aka-Stick Mono provide high diamond -concentration solutions for priming polishing cloths, ensuring efficient sample preparation with minimal run-in time. These sticks are designed for manual application, making them suitable versatile for various polishing processes​.

Diamond Polishing Paste: Our Aka-Paste Poly and Aka-Paste Mono diamond pastes are ideal for manual polishing and priming of new polishing cloths. These pastes, containing high-quality polycrystalline or monocrystalline diamonds, ensure a smooth, high-quality finish and are beneficial for water-sensitive materials due to their low water content (<0.1%).

Diamond Sprays: Aka-Spray Poly and Aka-Spray Mono offer a convenient method for applying diamond abrasives, creating a free-cutting layer of diamonds that result in high removal rates and superior surface quality. They are ideal for watersensitive materials due to the use of non-flammable CO2 and their low water content. .
By integrating these diamond polishing solutions with our suspension systems, you can achieve unmatched efficiency, and surface quality in your metallographic sample preparation. Explore our comprehensive consumables range to find the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

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