Epoxy Mounting

Epoxy provides optimal edge retention and the best possible mount quality. It can also be used for vacuum impregnation of fragile and porous samples. Our cold mounting epoxy system consists of one liquid epoxy resin and a series of liquid epoxy hardeners. This allows for epoxy mounts with different characteristics by just using a different epoxy hardener with the same epoxy resin. All components are transparent and the finished mounts are almost glasslike for easy visibility of the sample during preparation.

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  • Aka-Cure Quick - Cold Mounting

    Epoxy Mounting

    Aka-Cure Quick

  • aka-cure

    Epoxy Mounting

    Aka-Cure Slow

  • Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy

    Epoxy Mounting

    Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy

Epoxy Resins

Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy is a clear liquid epoxy resin that has to be mixed with a hardener, either Aka-Cure Quick or Aka-Cure Slow. Each hardener provides different advantages. Which epoxy hardener to choose depends on your requirements to the final mount.

Aka-Cure Slow is an epoxy curing agent (epoxy hardener) that provide the lowest possible shrinkage and thus great edge retention. It is suitable for vacuum impregnation and heat sensitive samples. Mixed with the epoxy resin, Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy, it cures in 8 – 24 hours at 22 °C.

Aka-Cure Quick is an epoxy curing agent providing very hard, transparent mounts and great edge retention with low shrinkage. It is suitable for vacuum impregnation of porous samples and cures in 30 minutes at 80 °C. The short curing time makes it ideal when very short preparation times are required. For epoxy mounting of very large samples, Aka-Cure Quick can be used with a room temperature curing overnight followed by a post cure at 80 °C. This low temperature curing results in large mounts with negligible shrinkage.


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