Aka-Piatto 1200+

Great for fine grinding of samples with a hardness of 150 HV – 2000 HV.

Aka-Piatto 1200+/15 µm is used for fine grinding and removes the deformation created by the previous plane grinding step.

Aka-Piatto+ has a higher diamond concentration than Aka-Piatto, which makes the grinding less aggressive due to a lower specific pressure. Aka-Piatto+ is therefore the optimal choice for grinding of brittle samples like ceramics, cermets and sintered carbides.

The samples are ready for a 3 µm polishing step after the use of an Aka-Piatto 1200+/15 µm.

Additional information

Size available

200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm

Content available

1 pc.

  • dressing_sticks_-_big_small_1

    Diamond Grinding Discs

    Dressing Stick #220 25 x 25 x 150 mm

  • dressing_sticks_-_big_small

    Diamond Grinding Discs

    Dressing Stick #220 10 x 25 x 100 mm

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