DiaUltra Poly 6 µm

Unique 2-in-1 diamond suspension.
DiaUltra Poly is a superior, carefully balanced mixture of diamond suspension and lubricant.
Recommended for all materials – except water sensitive ones.

DiaUltra Poly provides the highest removal, shortest preparation times and best surface quality combined with easy dosing that ensures reproducibility. DiaUltra Poly offers a marginal improvement in removal over DiaUltra.
Diamond concentration of 20 ct/l
100% polycrystalline diamonds
Median (50%) 5.7 µm
Tolerance 5.42 – 5.98 µm
Upper limit (99%) 7.9 µm

Keep out of direct sunlight.

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Content available

500 ml, 2.5 l, 5 l

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