Aka-Resin Acrylic

Acrylic resin for hot mounting. Thermoplastic acrylic compound for clear embedding with low shrinkage. Clear mounts are optimal in for example failure analysis. 

Curing specifications
Dia., force, heating/cooling time:
25 mm: 15 kN, 4-6 min/6-7 min
30 mm: 25 kN, 4-6 min/6-8 min
40 mm: 45 kN, 4-8 min/7-9 min
50 mm: 50-70 kN, 5-10 min/8-13 min

Cure at 160 – 180 ℃, 350 bar, low cooling rate.

If the mount is not fully cured, increase time.

The parameters above can vary a lot depending on the characteristics of the mounting press used.

If you experience a white cotton ball in the mount, the resin has picked up moisture. Dry the resin in an oven at 60 ℃ for 2 hours to solve the problem.

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1 kg, 7.5 kg

  • Mould release powder for hot mounting presses.

    Mould Release Agents

    Aka-NoStick Powder

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