Close-up of an Aka-Cut NF10 cutting disc slicing through a piece of brass. The disc is labeled with specifications: 300 x 1.2 x 32 mm, max 63 m/s, 4010 rpm.

Abrasive Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting

Soft and ductile non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper and their alloys are easily deformed during cutting. To avoid this, a specific cut-off wheel optimised for these materials is required. Our Aka-Cut NF10 has been developed to fulfil the requirements for cutting of non-ferrous metals. With the Aka-Cut NF10 cutting wheel, you obtain a plane sample surface with minimal mechanical deformation and thermal damage. This cutting wheel is optimised for metals with a hardness of approximately 10 HRC or in the range of 50-250 HV. Different diameters are available for all our abrasive cut-off wheels.

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  • Abrasive Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting

    Aka-Cut NF10


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