Grinding Stones

Our grinding stones, sometimes also referred to as grinding wheels, are designed for dedicated automatic and semi-automatic plane-grinding machines. They produce absolutely flat sample surfaces and assure that all samples in a sample holder are ground to the same level in the shortest possible time and at a minimum cost.

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  • Grinding Stones

    Al₂O₃ Grinding Stone Fe40, with base plate

  • Grinding Stone Nf10 With Baseplate New 1

    Grinding Stones

    SiC Grinding Stone NF10, with base plate

  • Grinding Stones

    Al₂O₃ Grinding Stone Fe40

  • Grinding Stones

    SiC Grinding Stone NF10

Grinding Stone Types

The grinding stones are optimised for different types of materials and produced to suit different machines. A SiC based grinding wheel provides optimal grinding results for non-ferrous metals. The Al2O3-based grinding stone provides perfect results when grinding ferrous metals. Both types of grinding stones are available with or without a base plate depending on machine requirements. Our grinding stones are of the highest quality and therefore a cost-effective choice for the best automatic and semi-automatic plane-grinding machines without compromising the quality of the result.

A smart alternative to a grinding wheel are our diamond grinding discs, Aka-Piatto 80, 120 and 220. They also provide optimal flatness in a short time and do not require a dedicated plane grinding machine but can be used on all standard grinding/polishing machines.

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