Cold Mounting - Metallography

Cold mounting provides protection and support of the sample surface, makes it easier to handle the sample, allows for several small samples in one mount and gives uniform sizes for clamping in a sample holder. Cold mounting resins cure through a chemical reaction. We have carefully selected resins from the two prevailing systems used in metallography to offer you state-of-the-art solutions.

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  • Aka-Cure Quick - Cold Mounting

    Epoxy Mounting

    Aka-Cure Quick

  • aka-cure

    Epoxy Mounting

    Aka-Cure Slow

  • Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy

    Epoxy Mounting

    Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy

  • Aka-Clear 2 Liquid

    Acrylic Resin

    Aka-Clear-2 Liquid

  • Aka-Clear 2 Powder

    Acrylic Resin

    Aka-Clear-2 Powder

Epoxy Mounting Resins

Epoxy provides the best adhesion to the sample, resulting in optimal edge retention and the best possible mount quality. It can also be used for vacuum impregnation or infiltration of fragile and porous samples. Our Epoxy mounting system consists of one liquid resin and a range of liquid hardeners. Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy, the universal resin, can be mixed with either Aka-Cure Quick or Aka-Cure Slow. When cold mounting for metallography, each hardener provides different advantages. With the Aka-Cure Slow hardener, the epoxy mixture cures overnight at low temperatures. The lower the temperature the lower the shrinkage, therefore this is the preferred solution for no shrinkage and best edge retention. When Aka-Cure Quick has been mixed with the epoxy resin, the samples have to be cured in an oven at 80°C. This gives a very short curing time of about 30 min, but the increased temperature results in a small amount of shrinkage.

Acrylic Mounting Resin

Our acrylic resin is a fast curing, transparent cold mounting system with a slightly yellowish tint. Aka-Clear-2 consists of a powder and a liquid that cures in about 8 minutes. Due to complete visibility without having to use a pressure pot, it is ideal for failure analysis and in the preparation of electronic components like printed circuit boards, where you need to monitor the sample during preparation.

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