Diamond Suspensions

Our Aka-Suspensions are traditional diamond suspensions to be used together with a lubricant.

Aka-Poly and Aka-Mono have a very high diamond concentration of 20 ct/liter, which is probably higher
than any other product on the market. For the shortest possible preparation times, you should
choose Aka-Poly+ or Aka-Mono+ with an even higher concentration. Aka-Poly+ and Aka-Mono+ diamond suspensions have a diamond concentration of 40 ct/liter. This means a dramatically increased material removal and because of that the preparation time can be reduced with up to 50%.

Both types of diamond suspension can be used with any of our lubricants for the preparation of all kinds of materials. With a total of six different lubricants, a combination suiting any material can easily be found. Our suspensions do not settle and the liquid itself is naturally environmentally friendly.

When you are preparing water sensitive materials, Aka-Poly WF is your choice. This diamond suspension is based on glycol and contains less than 0.1% water. Since this diamond suspension is not oil-based, samples are easy to clean after the preparation steps. Aka-Poly WF should be used together with our lubricant Aka-Lube Clear WF.

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  • akaMona15

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono 15 µm

  • akaMono15

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono+ 15 µm

  • akaPoly15

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly 15 µm

  • 44168013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly WF 15 µm

  • 44148013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly+ 15 µm

  • akaMono9

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono 9 µm

  • Akamono9 1

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono+ 9 µm

  • akaPoly9

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly 9 µm

  • 44167013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly WF 9 µm

  • 44147013

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Poly+ 9 µm

  • akaMono6

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono 6 µm

  • Akamono6 1

    Diamond Products

    Aka-Mono+ 6 µm

Use With High-quality Lubricant for Best Results

It is important for your preparation results that you find the correct match between diamond suspension and lubricant. Both should fit the material you are preparing and your preparation needs to obtain the best surface finish.

When choosing the correct combination of diamond suspension and lubricant, your polishing step(s) will be as fast as possible. When dosing diamond suspension and lubricant separately, you can be very accurate in your dosage ratio and adapt it to your specific preparation needs.

For best results for all materials that are not water sensitive, choose Aka-Lube Clear+
For water sensitive materials you should use Aka-Lube Clear WF for best results or Aka-Lube Blue or Aka-Lube Blue Concentrate for routine preparations.
For softer materials use Aka-Lube Red.
For materials with a medium hardness use Aka-Lube Yellow.
For hard materials use Aka-Lube Green.

Find more information about the different diamond suspensions and lubricants in the left side menu.


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